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Dr. Jaroslav Marik

Dr. Jaroslav J. Marik is the Medical Director of the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Genetic Testing, an affiliate of the The Tyler Medical Clinic. He joined the Tyler Medical Clinic in 1971, and prior to that, he completed his training in obstetrics and gynecology and worked in various research institutions. He also undertook specialized training in abdominal surgery. His association with the Tyler Medical Clinic became the fulfillment of his professional expectations and was enhanced by a warm and friendly relationship with Dr. Tyler. The early 1970's impacted deeply on Dr. Marik's understanding of the problems connected with establishing a family.

Using previous training and experience, he was one of the first physicians in Southern California to perform diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy. In 1972, he became a founding member of the American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists. He was one of the first physicians in the world to perform hysteroscopic examination of the uterus. In the early 70's, he also benefited by preceptorship in microscopical infertility surgery under the guidance of Dr Kurt Swolin from Sweden who is "the father" of gynecological microsurgery. In the mid-1980's, he became a charter member of the Society of Reproductive Surgeons, a branch of the American Fertility Society. He quickly established himself as an expert in the surgical treatment of infertility. He became a Director and Board Member of the International Human Society for Photoscopy, the International Society of Human Reproduction, the Fallopius International Society and a member of various other professional associations.

In the early 1970's, he joined the teaching staff of the UCLA School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and became actively involved in training of the residents and fellows. For these activities, he repeatedly received the prestigious award for "Excellence in Teaching Infertility Surgery". He organized numerous symposia, teaching other doctors the newest diagnostic and therapeutic advances in the field of infertility diagnosis, surgery and treatment. He has been a frequent speaker at scientific meetings and international congresses, presenting in excess of 200 scientific papers in this country and 15 other countries. He has published more than three dozen scientific publications, inclusive of Congress proceedings, and has been an editor of the Newsletter of the International Society of Reproductive Medicine and the Fallopius International Society.

In the early 1970's, he became personally interested in the work of Dr. Patrick Steptoe who later accomplished the first conception through In Vitro Fertilization. He established the In Vitro Fertilization program at Tyler Medical Clinic in 1983, which was the second such program in the western United States. In the mid-1980's he achieved one of the first successful conceptions through the then new G.I.F.T. procedure and later expanded these advanced reproductive techniques to include egg donation to sterile women and gestational surrogacy. Successful conception of a patient without ovarian function was the third of its kind reported in this country, and the Tyler Medical Clinic was also the third institution to produce a pregnancy through the use of a gestational surrogacy. The services provided through Tyler Medical Clinic have included conventional surrogacy arrangements since the mid-70's.

Dr. Marik has received a dozen awards and honors from various national, as well international societies including several for his efforts in the perfection of surgical treatment of pathological changes of the female genital system.

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