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Gender selection or Sex selection:

Gender selection Los Angeles with ivf and pgd.PGD for gender selection or sex selection for family balancing, IVF with gender selection gives parents a better opportunity to choose the gender of their offspring. IVF with gender selectionat our fertility clinic has been growing in popularity in recent years. Gender selection process done by our expert staff is a very accurate and safe treatment that has helped many parents to share the joy of raising both male and female children in their family. There can be a variety of reasons why many couples seek IVF with gender selection today. By choosing the gender, parents can avoid passing on genetic disease to their offspring. Another reason to proceed with gender selection is the couple’s desire to have a balanced family. Whether done for family gender balancing or to identify genetically abnormal embryos it is an important procedures for couples to have healthy family. PGD with IVF helps to detect few basic genetic characteristics in the embryo for any feritlity treatment:

Chromosomal aneuploidy - an abnormal number of chromosomes.
Single gene defects - specific genetic mutations leading to known diseases.
Determine Gender.(male or female) i.e. gender selection for having a baby of your dream.

Gender Selection:

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) signals the beginning of an end for many genetic diseases. Using PGD we now have the means to remove a single cell from a developing embryo and test it for a genetic abnormality, implanting only healthy embryos. The result will be the significant reduction and possibly the eradication of a genetic disease from affected families. PGD with In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an important procedure to help achieve Family Balancing i.e. Gender Selection.

Gender selection with in vitro fertilization - IVF also, allows couples to balance their family by having control at number of male or female offspring in their family. It also improves likelihood of having healthy baby. For example, couples who have already had several children of only one gender (e.g. all girls), may be interested in having a child of the opposite gender next. If the sole purpose of having another child is to obtain the desired gender, and/or if a couple would consider terminating a pregnancy if the gender of the baby was found to be of the "undesired" type, gender selection of embryos may be a reasonable option for that couple. We will like to work with you and reach the best possible solution for your fertility treatment.

We also count with the partnership of the Genetic Resources Medical Group, formerly DNA Dynamics, a Los Angeles-based company providing patients with genetic counseling; the UCLA Department of Medical Genetics and Molecular Pathology that has contributed immensely to the development of the technology in our Institute; and the Department of Pathology's specialty laboratory at UCLA that performs the laboratory testing using fluorescence in site hybridization.

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