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'Parthenotes' Expand the Debate on Stem Cells

By Rick Weiss

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, December 10, 2001; Page A11

When is a embryo not an embryo? It's a question fit for a Zen master, but it's one that will have to be answered by federal bureaucrats, researchers and ethicists as biologists explore the weird world of parthenogenesis.

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New Work May Provide Stem Cells While Taking Baby From Equation
By Andrew Pollack

The New York Times

Tuesday, November 06, 2001


The researcher, Dr. Jerry L. Hall, uses chemicals to coax an egg to grow into an embryo of sorts without being fertilized by a male's sperm. Such embryos, even if implanted into a womb, would not grow to become viable babies, Dr. Hall and other experts said. But the embryos can be grown in a laboratory for a few days, long enough to become a source of stem cells.


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New Source of Stem Cells
Spermless Technique May Give Scientists Another Stem Cell Source

By Jeff Carpenter


October 22, 2001

A new technique could someday allow scientists to study stem cells while avoiding government restrictions on research involving cells derived from embryos.

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Scientists Try Unfertilized Egg as Source of Stem Cells

By Aaron Zitner - Times Staff Writer

The Los Angeles Times

August 12, 2001

Researchers in L.A. and Massachusetts hope to grow embryos that would quell the debate. They are working on ways to coax unfertilized eggs to grow into embryos that produce stem cells.

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Beating the ban

Will embryonic stem cells made without embryos keep politicians happy?

By Sylvia PagÁn Westphal

New Scientist magazine, vol 172 issue 2311, page 14

June 10, 2001

COMPANIES in the US and Britain are working on ways to get human embryonic stem cells without destroying viable embryos, New Scientist has learned.

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