Why Superior A.R.T.?

Outgrowing Your Expectations

Superior A.R.T. stands out in IVF and genetic diagnosis across Asia as a leading infertility center. With world-class technology and knowledge transferred from our collaboration with the foremost A.R.T. providers overseas, Superior A.R.T. became an unrivalled infertility treatment provider, with the highest success rates of IVF and PGT, helping our patients save both time and expense as well as lessen suffering physically and emotionally from unsuccessful IVF.

Superior A.R.T ’s Success Rate of Frozen Embryo Transfer by Age (Year 2019)

Pregnancy Rates of PGT-A
and the Use of Combined Technique

Superior A.R.T. Evolution of Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) Technology with Higher Success Rates

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